Sons of Honour

Sons of Honour is a dynamic men’s ‘small-group’ team structure whereby once a month, groups of 8 – 13 men get together at their various homes to enjoy a meal together and to get to know each another.
Two 20-minute teaching CD’s are also handed out each month to every participating individual. This allows the men to get some mid-week scriptural input on subjects specifically for men.
Once every quarter there is also a combined group meeting where all the 8 groups come together for a time of fellowship, food and prayer.
We strongly encourage you to get involved in one of the Sons of Honour groups.

– Pastor Mark

If you are interested give VCC’s secretary Pam a call and we will see to it that you are introduced to one of the team leaders. Contact VCC Office: +27 21 782 8687

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MessageBy TeacherDateDownload/Play
Sons of Honour 15John Bevere2012-07Download/Play
Sons of Honour 14John Bevere2012-07Download/Play
Sons of Honour 13John Bevere2012-04Download/Play
Sons of Honour 12John Bevere2012-04Download/Play
Sons of Honour 11Tony Fitzgerald2012-03Download/Play
Sons of Honour 10Tony Fitzgerald2012-03Download/Play
Sons of Honour 9Stephen Brammer2011-08Download/Play
Sons of Honour 8Stephen Brammer2011-06Download/Play
Sons of Honour 7Stephen Brammer2011-06Download/Play
Sons of Honour 6Stephen Brammer2011-05Download/Play
Sons of Honour 5Stephen Brammer2011-05Download/Play
Sons of Honour 4Stephen Brammer2011-04Download/Play
Sons of Honour 3Stephen Brammer2011-04Download/Play
Sons of Honour 2Stephen Brammer2011-03Download/Play
Sons of Honour 1Stephen Brammer2011-03Download/Play


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