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Since the beginning of 2008, the network Justice Acts (Alliance of Christians Against Trafficking and Slavery) have been committed to doing acts of justice that are practical and effective. While working on our Human Trafficking Prevention Campaign alongside of the CTC (Counter Trafficking Coalition), we were made aware of the urgent need of a place of safety, restoration, and rehabilitation for under aged girls that have been sexually exploited. This place soon became the vision of the S-Cape home.We were a formed group of individuals all with the heart to see the broken restored. We are now growing in numbers, and are currently consisting of many local and international members, all from different churches, and missionary organizations.  Together, with the same passions and desires to show God’s love and healing power to the oppressed of the Western Cape. It is the intention of this group to form and maintain a Trust, in order to develop initiatives to respond to the calling and need of young girls whom have been trafficked.

We  established a safe house in the Valley of Fish Hoek before the 2010 World Cup, specializing in under-aged girls who are victims of Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking


    • Only 10 registered shelters in the Western Cape; only 1 or 2 are equipped to handle trafficking victims.
    • Thousands will be trafficked into the sex trade in the preparation for the coming World Cup.
    • Urgency for places of safety, rehabilitation and restoration for child victims of sexual exploitation, is already eminent in SA. After the passing of a new law to criminalize human trafficking in SA, this need will become even bigger!


To establish a transitional safe place specializing in underage girls, rescued from any kind of sexual exploitation and trafficking, which will provide:   Shelter and food, health care, education, skills development, discipleship, counselling and future orientation, in a loving and homely environment.


To see under aged girls victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking, free and safe from any harm, benefiting from appropriate health care and developing a healthy lifestyle, healed and restored from their hurts, empowered in their life skills and education, accompanied in their spiritual walk, and restored to a normal and sustainable life.


For more information visit our website at www.s-cape-home.co.za


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