God’s Little Lighthouse

My late husband, Rob and I opened God’s Little Lighthouse approximately 24 years ago.
After returning from a two year period with Youth with a Mission, where we were privileged to spend time with and share the love of Jesus with hundreds of under-privileged children, many of whom did not have access to formal schooling. We became aware of the fact that many parents could not afford to send their children to pre-school or any form of care facility.

On our return to Cape Town my husband was offered his job back as manager of a company, complete with all the perks. After a month of being back ‘in the world’ we soon realised that we had to help these families. My husband resigned and by faith we purchased an old double storey church centre, applying for a 100% bond, informing the bank what our projected income could be. The bond was granted. 100% bonds are very seldom granted. From then on we started to trust God for our daily needs.
After 15 years of being totally blessed, watching these little ones become happy self-confident children, the Lord called my precious Rob home. From then on things became very difficult, especially with regard to the maintenance and daily running of the school. I struggled to do the books and accounts but with help, learnt to do things.
I know, with confidence, that this school is part of the plan and purposed God has for my life.
Most of the children in our school are from very poor homes, and the families pay what they can afford. Things get scary at times, but God, who is so faithful always comes through. Our needs are endless, but we serve and amazing God who always meets our needs, in His time.


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